100% organic hemp yarn

100% organic hemp yarn

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Hemp fiber, a high-quality natural green fiber from latitude 49 ° N and 128 ° cold temperate continental climate land with average annual sunshine more than 2400 hours.

Extraction process- the most advanced green split method: high bar separating skin, raw hemp fiber division, environmental fiber degumming, physical fiber carding and other technology to ensure the retention of the original Beijiang hemp cannabis (hemp) all the characteristics of hemp plants.

Main features:

1, Softness and comfortable: hemp is one of the most valuable one in bast fibre

 family, and its single fiber is quite fine with obtuse villous end.  Hemp sock has no feeling of itchy and stiff even without special treatment.

2, Moisture quick drying: hemp middle of a small cavity with the fiber surface distribution of the many cracks and holes connected to the junction of the cell and directional high circular cross section of irregular polygons, lines and longitudinal multi-hit space, determine the high-strength marijuana socks, a better capillary effect, and the cooling temperature rate is greater than the that of moisture absorption rate, can help to  discharge sweat fast , reduce  body temperature, its moisture permeability is 3 times higher cotton.

3, Antibacterial deodorant: Anaerobic bacteria,Staphylococcus aureus, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Escherichia coli, Candida albicans can not survive in the Cannabis hollow fiber structure which is rich in oxygen and polyphenols.In the growth process hemp itself can resist pests and diseases,a typical green plant.

4, Anti-static properties: Dried hemp fiber is a poor conductor insulating material as its resistance to electrical breakdown ability  higher about 30% than cotton.  Usually, since hemp fiber moisture absorption particularly good, exposed to the normal air, hemp textiles contents about 12% water, in air humidity of 95%, the moisture content up to 30%, but people will not feel wet. so hemp socks can avoid static accumulation, balling of friction or absorbing dust.

5, UV resistance: Hemp fiber cross section presents irregular triangles, polygons, and its molecular structure is polygonal shape, looser, a spiral lined.

 Hemp textile has a good dissipation effect to sound waves, radio , according to detection, without special finishing it can shield more than 95% of ultraviolet rays.

Yarn count:

62-100% hemp fiber,5S-80S

Blended with: cotton, wool, silk etc.