CASIC visualization system to promote high-speed digital manufacturing


      Recently, the China Aerospace Science and Industry Academy of TT & C firms with a study of "visual process management and control system" successfully carried out a pilot study phase of the project, and achieved initial results, follow-up workshop will promote the use of digital technology in the railway field, and applied high Speed Rail digital manufacturing. 

      The system consists of visualization technology systems management platform and networking platform consisting of CNC equipment, respectively, to visualize the operating instructions and process control, CNC equipment data management and device status monitoring. Process visualization systems management platform to product-related data, a query for product visualization process by encoding information or guidance documents related searches, and complete assembly tasks important part of high-speed rail locomotives under its boot process. Meanwhile, the platform for locomotive assembly process, the implementation of quality control and post-traceable. In addition, the platform also includes technology planning, task allocation function, to achieve a clear distribution of products and tasks, and set aside the interface with PLM, ERP and other systems. NC device networking platform is mainly used for real-time control and data devices in use throughout the high-speed rail workshop CNC equipment overall near to realize the NC program management, the program can be traced back, the device information acquisition, state control, system control functions. 

       The system is to solve the discrete manufacturing, particularly in the arts and crafts assembly operations based, single or small batch production of scientific management and control issues provides support, can effectively improve the process of document readability and understanding, improve production efficiency and quality, while achieving the unified management of CNC equipment, machine tools to optimize distribution, increase production capacity.