China will build the power plant construction project ESP transformers all in place


      October 7 afternoon, China Energy Construction Group Co., Ltd. construction of India Hadi Ya 2 × 30 kilowatts coal-fired power plant Unit 2 ESP transformer installed in place. 

      India Hadi Ya project is located in the sea, and the annual June to September is the rainy season, the air humidity is particularly large, rectifier transformers for ESP electric installation have some impact. China can build Anhui Power Construction Company India Hadi Ya special construction project plan prepared by the Ministry of the operating personnel correspondent, through the joint efforts of all parties, successfully place 28 single-weight 1.9 tons of transformer. 

      It is reported that India Hadi Ya station is located in West Bengal, India, 10 km away from 哈迪亚 Port, about 135 km from Kolkata. Current construction of two 300,000 kilowatts-class coal-fired generating units, boilers are subcritical pressure parameters, natural circulation boiler, single chamber full steel suspension structure.