XX XX casing developed engineering 1100kV oilpaper condenser bushing delivery


    Recently, XX casing independent research and production of three reactors 1100kV greaseproof paper condenser bushing in southern Zhejiang 1000kV Substation successfully completed on-site installation and commissioning test. Batch casing is made of millions of volts greaseproof paper sleeve domestic UHV first batch of use, in order to further promote the use of domestic UHV bushing has laid a good foundation.
    XX Fuzhou UHV power transmission project is to accelerate the development of UHV power grid and scale of the building into the new phase of landmark projects. XX casing undertake the project 1100kV oilpaper condenser bushing development and production tasks. Across the company attaches great importance to the establishment of a project headed by the general manager of a leading group to take charge of the project made clear who is responsible for the implementation of the project, to develop a detailed operating procedures, strict quality assurance programs and quality control, establishment of a quality archives and records of daily supervision, control and target assessment conducted nodes, clear project incentives and disincentives. The entire production process strictly according to plan, the product through the factory test and an additional one-time assessment test is stricter than the standard, part performance is better than the international advanced level.
    XX Fuzhou engineering 1100kV oilpaper condenser bushing smooth delivery, marking XX casing has the ability to mass produce millions of volts casing, and opened up the localization of millions of volts applied to the casing first UHV power engineering construction precedent, breaking the long-standing foreign UHV bushing monopoly, will promote the construction of UHV power engineering and rapid development.