A key technology to fill the gaps


    Recently, Chongqing, Chongqing XX Electrical Group Co., Ltd. belongs to other units jointly overcome the impact of key technologies ultra-head hydro group developed and successfully achieve industrialization, not only firmly occupy the domestic market, but also exported to overseas.
    Ultra-small head unit is the key to the construction of hydropower equipment, namely at 1000 meters above the head unit, the key lies in technology turbine runner. Enterprise successfully solved the problem of fatigue strength and runner, so the unit can be guaranteed security, while also using new technological processes, so that the power generation efficiency problems are solved, thus breaking the monopoly of foreign technology, to fill the gaps in access to 2012 Chongqing Municipal Science and Technology progress Award second prize.
    The company is the only country able to develop and produce kilometer stage turbine group's head company already has provided more than 5000 sets of impact hydro group for more than 2,000 hydropower stations. Among them, in 2010 and put into operation Suba Regardless of hydropower, maximum head 1209.7 meters, is the highest in Asia, the head station, the crew is 'made in Chongqing'. The product is completely occupied the country in addition to ultra-high head unit market, but also exported overseas.
    Currently, the "Chongqing made" units have been exported to the United States, Canada, Italy, Norway, Vietnam, Peru, Nepal and other countries and regions are expected this year in Southeast Asia, South America and will bring two one hundred million enterprise value, will become the main export products overseas market.